Bullet Theory Band Bio
Bullet Theory Band Bio
Bullet Theory, the cure for the boring bar band.
Comprised of seasoned musicians from various projects, the members of Bullet Theory set out to change how people see cover bands. With a fresh new set list comprised mostly of current modern rock hits, Bullet Theory did just that. Their debut performance in Siggy's Battle of the Bands captured the highest recorded score in the history of the competition. In just a few short months, word of this "must see" band began to spread.
The public had spoken..

Soon after, the band began receiving calls all over central Florida. Bullet Theory's professional attitude, showmanship, and drive for musical perfection had caught the eye of major venues in the area & in just over a year after forming, the band had secured an opening slot for major label act "Fuel".

Bullet Theory is not the kind of band to just rest on a few successes though. With an ever evolving set list pulled from today's modern rock playlist, as well as a vast library of original music, the band continues to evolve, making each show better than the last.